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Every transportation business owner will sell their business at some point. As the industry transaction specialist, Tenney Group is passionate about making that experience as rewarding as possible when the time is right for you. You future business sale success begins with education.

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Seller’s FAQ

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When is the best time to sell a transportation business?

The timing of a sale is influenced by many factors: pending changes to capital gains tax, equipment reinvestment needs, available working capital, when a buyer is ready to do a deal, the economy, equity position in equipment, lack of energy or passion, etc. The best time is different for every business owner and usually is dictated by several factors
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How much is my company worth?

The simple answer to this common question is that your company is worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it. A strategic buyer will likely pay a higher price than a financial buyer. Discretionary earnings, customer concentration, capex requirements and service pricing are a handful of many factors that will influence what a buyer will pay for your business.
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How long will it take to sell my transportation business?

According to the International Business Brokers Association, the average time to sell a small business is 9-12 months. The Tenney Group commonly completes transportation business sales 4-5 months faster than the industry average.
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What size and type of transportation company does The Tenney Group help?

The majority of the assignments we take on involve a business for sale that has annual revenues of $1,000,000 – $100,000,000+. We serve all segments of the ground transportation industry: trucking, courier, logistics, limousine, ambulance, school bus, charter & tour, non-emergency medical, crew transportation, waste management, etc.
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What do I need to do to prepare for a sale?

First and foremost, obtain a business valuation to understand your company’s worth. See our helpful articles on increasing your company’s value and advance planning for a successful sale.
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What if my business is losing money?

Regardless if it is profitable, your transportation business could be very valuable to a strategic buyer. Let us help you start evaluating your company’s potential now, while you have as many strategic options available to you as possible.
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Why hire a Merger & Acquisition Advisor to lead the sale effort?

More than 80% of buyers and 90% of sellers are first-timers; without professional guidance, the odds of either side getting what they want out of the sale are not promising. A skilled intermediary will protect confidentiality, bring expertise in creative deal structuring and negotiating, help secure financing for a deal and guide the transaction to a successful close for both parties.
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How will Tenney Group market my business for sale?

Our marketing approach focuses on buyers that may have a strategic interest in your business because they can financially justify paying the highest price. The best buyers may not even consider themselves to be buyers; however, Tenney Group can convert them into motivated buyers by demonstrating the financial impact of acquisition. And, of course, confidentiality is always The Tenney Group’s top priority throughout the sale process.
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What if I have already been approached by a buyer?

When buyers and sellers have identified each other, the gap between each party’s business value assessments is often wide. Buyers and sellers often struggle to bridge that gap, among other challenges. Tenney Group often steps in for our clients mid-transaction to give sellers the best chance to complete a deal with their preferred buyer.

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“My partner and I hired The Tenney Group to help us accomplish three specific transaction goals. The Tenney Group allowed us to achieve all three goals in 42 days.”

Russ Cooke
Former Owner of TCI Worldwide
Boston, MA

"I recently worked on a deal with The Tenney Group. I found their transaction team to be extremely detail oriented and knowledgeable of the trucking industry."

James Perry
Optimum Trucking & Optimum Transport
Dallas, TX

"Not certain of my next move, I reached out to the Tenney Group. My trucking company was experiencing considerable growth and I felt it was a good idea to have them..."

Alabama Trucking Company

"In his role of advisory to the buyer and my role, representing the seller, I found Spencer Tenney to be very professional, knowledgeable and hard-working."

Kevin Freeman
Managing Partner, Stony Hill Business Brokers
Trevose, PA

"Tenney Group's experience and knowledge of the industry made them a good fit to help us with our strategic planning. Their commitment to service and personal attention..."

10 Million Transport Company
North Carolina

"I have told my wife if anything should happen to me, call The Tenney Group, I know they will take care of you."

Chris Hundley
North Hollywood, California