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Every transportation business owner will sell their business at some point. As the industry transaction specialist, Tenney Group is passionate about making that experience as rewarding as possible when the time is right for you. You future business sale success begins with education.

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Limousine Industry

The Limousine Industry

If you play your cards right, the transportation industry is a powerful investment for building wealth. However, keep in mind that the transportation industry is not like any other.

The limousine industry is a dynamic one. It has a long and interesting history. The idea of having a chauffeured driven vehicle started in the early 1700’s with the luxurious, horse-drawn carriages gilded in gold. It was in the 1930’s when the limousines started to take off, and limousine businesses started to flourish.

If, in the past,only the rich and famous could enjoy a limousine ride, nowadays everyone can enjoy a luxurious service. In an ever-changing industry, business owners sometimes find it difficult to keep up with rapid changes, no matter how dramatic they are, from technology innovations, globalization, demographic flows, economic changes and the latest services in the transportation industry. Keeping up with the latest trends and technologies can be a great struggle for business owners in the industry, but keeping your skills sharp is the key to success.

At the same time, the limousine industry has changed the future of ground transportation forever. Today, transportation needs are greater than ever. There are many travel alternatives enabled by modern technologies, and travelers all around the world have more choices. For the last few years, the growth of the limousine industry has been consistent as more corporate and personal travelers have been spending more and more on small luxuries, such as limousine rides.

Acquiring a successful limo business for sale can lead to a very rewarding transaction, but the industry has many ins and outs. One thing for sure is there will always be a demand for limousine services. But, what if the demand increases and, as a business owner, you invest more time, more energy, and even more capital in your business as you align it to the latest trends in the industry?

Smart business owners can navigate through the opportunities offered by the industry, but owning a business in the ever-changing transportation industry is not always easy. Having informed answers and advice from industry experts like us will certainly help you make the right decision when you are looking to buy a limo business. At the same time, we can make sure any transaction happens for the right amount, for both the buyer and seller, with limo business valuations done right!

Knowing the Value of Your Limo Business for Sale

In the vast transportation industry, business valuation is sometimes a misunderstood process. Understanding the true value of your limousine business for sale influences every financial decision throughout the entire lifecycle of your business. If you, as a business owner, don’t know the right value of your company, how can you convince others of it? Many business owners compare their business with other companies in the industry, but sometimes they misinterpret the information as applied to their own company. Consequently, business owners can make irrational decisions.  When they understand the true value of their companies, business owners can truly highlight the strengths and weaknesses of their business.

Selling or Buying a Limousine Business

Getting deals done in the ever-changing transportation industry, especially when we talk about a limousine company for sale, can be tough, even if the economic climate is a favorable one. The real challenge is to make sure that your exit plan aligns with your financial goals.

Business valuation and the main process of transferring ownership in the transportation industry are often misunderstood, and this is the main reason why many business owners are not able to cash out when they want, or when they need.

Selling your limousine business might be the biggest financial transaction of your life, so why put this responsibility in the hands of someone that’s not focused exclusively on selling a transportation businesses?

When business owners in the limousine industry approach a sale, there are many variables they should consider. A great way to learn about your business opportunities when you have a limousine business for sale is through an experienced advisor, and this is what the professionals at the Tenney Group do best.

Surround yourself with professionals who understand the transportation industry!

How to Sell or Buy a Limousine Business with The Tenney Group

The Tenney Group has valued and sold more limousine companies than anyone in the world, completing all the transactions three to four months faster than the national industry average.

Our mission is to add value to every transaction and to secure the highest price for sellers, while helping buyers accomplish their expected transaction goals. The success of your limousine business for sale is not limited to what happens at the closing table. Working with a trusted advisor will minimize all unpleasant financial surprises.

Knowing what to expect, both as a seller and as a buyer, can help everyone avoid unpleasant transaction situations.

If a sale is likely on the horizon, or you already have a limo business for sale, it would be our privilege to work with you. We hold the strictest status of confidentiality because we want to maintain a controlled environment to close a fair deal.

We are here to deliver unmatched value to both buyers and sellers in the unique and ever-changing transportation industry. Our mission is to help you build, protect and realize the value of your transportation business through our proprietary tools and strategies, combined with a vast network of experts in the industry, including accounting, legal, banking, insurance and risk management specialists.

If it is transportation, it is the Tenney Group!

Business owners in the transportation industry can feel confident that they have an experienced transaction advisor they can count on when it is time to sell their business, turning what can be an overwhelming and frustrating process into a seamless transaction.

With decades of experience in deal structuring and transaction management, the Tenney Group can increase the chances of a successful transaction in the transportation industry and get the desired results.

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