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Every transportation business owner will sell their business at some point. As the industry transaction specialist, Tenney Group is passionate about making that experience as rewarding as possible when the time is right for you. You future business sale success begins with education.

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Why buy another transportation business?

In many cases, growth by acquisitions is far more cost-effective than traditional business development methods, particularly in a down economy. It is also the one of the most efficient ways to replace lost sales.
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How do I approach an owner about strategic acquisition?

It is difficult for a business owner to share financial and other sensitive information with a fellow competitor or industry colleague. As a result, a buyer and a potential seller can talk for months without discussing anything substantive. Meaningful discussions can take place when carefully initiated and guided by an intermediary.
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How do I value my competitor's business?

Tenney Group can construct an objective value range opinion in order to help buyers make an educated decision about pursuing a possible purchase. This often saves thousands of dollars and months of time for buyers.
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Why involve a professional intermediary?

Tenney Group can initiate meaningful discussions more easily and help a buyer understand when time is being wasted. We can also dramatically enhance the financial impact of your acquisition through creative deal structuring. Sellers are often more receptive to creative deal structures when they are presented through a third party.
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What if I am already in discussions with a seller?

Buyers and sellers often have very different views on the value of a particular business. The Tenney Group can be very instrumental in providing each party comparables of recent transactions to help them get on the same page while applying transaction expertise that allows each party to achieve their respective transaction goals.

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I recently worked on a deal with The Tenney Group. I found their transaction team to be extremely detail oriented and knowledgeable of the trucking industry. I would recommend anyone considering buying or selling a […]

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